Sunday, May 17, 2009

Favorite Time to Shop Online

Time has run out to vote on your favorite time to shop online, but the results are in.
And, there was a tie!
The two most popular times to shop on line were, in the morning with a cup of coffee/tea in hand and in the evening after dinner while one's spouse watches TV. Both of those times received 33% of the votes.
The second runner up was late at night when one can't sleep with 22%.
11% voted for "Other", and I wish I had figured out how to allow them to leave comments. My curiosity has me wondering when they shop online or maybe they don't shop online at all.
Believe it or not, no one took advantage of their lunch hour or down time during an afternoon lull to shop, which didn't take me totally by surprise.
I also ran the same poll on another site with similar results but late at night came in first by a narrow margin.
My conclusion, is that most of us who shop online, use the quiet time in the morning, in the evening, and late at night.
Thank you, to those who participated. Though not definitive, I found this interesting.
What is your take on the results?

1 comment:

  1. I guess that your results would be what I would expect, although I can't see myself going down the stairs in the middle of the night to shop! It is interesting though. :-)