Monday, May 25, 2009

A Memorial Day Thank You

As a retired military spouse, I know first hand the sacrifices required of service members and their families. Some are huge like loss of limb or loss of life for the sake of others' freedom. Some are not that life altering, but still huge, like missing the birth of your child, missing milestones in their life, or not being to together to celebrate your anniversary. Some are small, like early morning PT (physical training), living on a tight budget, or short TDY's (periods of involuntary separation because of a temporary duty assignment).
My husband has been retired for over a decade now, but we still miss those good old days. Looking back in time and reflecting on our time in the military, I can see all the sacrifices we made. Back then, while living it, we were too busy sacrificing to notice. It was a way of life, and a way of life that brought the best out in us and our children.
Anyway, as a tribute to all those who have served, and all those serving, I wanted to say "thank you." So I started the following thread on and hope that you will go there and leave a comment of thanks.
I had originally planned to send the link to my husband as a present this Memorial Day, but think I will also forward it to many of our military friends. Feel free to do the same.
When I last checked there were 41 comments. Hope there's many more by the time you add yours.

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